Ethiopian Cuisine at the palm of your hand

For those of you who are a fan of Ethiopian Cuisines but don’t know the first thing about cooking them; here is a mobile App that will enable you do just that…..Gursha.

Developed by Nathnael Gossaye and Melikte Paulos, two aspiring young programmers; Gursha is a free mobile App for knowing the nitty gritties of cooking various Ethiopian dishes with simple and clear steps.



The App has various categories (Appetizers; Vegetarian dishes, Poultry dishes; Lamb dishes, Beef dishes) from which the user will be able to choose.




All recipes are displayed with an overview; list of ingredients, steps and a picture of the dish.



The App will also allow users to search recipes by name or the ingredients they use.

Gursha also includes a list of traditional Ethiopian restaurants with their location shown on a map and their phone numbers. You can call a restaurant just by tapping its name.


Gursha works in an offline mode to get access to the recipes. However you have to be online to use the “places to eat feature”.

You can find the Gursha App supported on the android platform at .

As for the iOS version the Developers have recently partnered with

The Gursha App is believed to be scaled up into incorporating more features such as Amharic recipes among other relevant and useful features.

Boodfloggers would like to thank Nathnael and Meliket for giving us their time and take us through their App . All the best guys on your future scale up.

Download this App and Master Ethiopian Cooking.


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